At AZZULE LifeStyleCo. We like to care and select our raw materials very well, that is why our leather shave been tanned with natural and artisan processes. Tanning is the process that turns the skin of the animal into leather and since the year 6000 BC, has been used this craft technique.

Each leather is unique, so its tonal variations, as well as small marks or scars, are part of the inherent nature of the material.

The nature it self will make the skin of your bag aging naturally and darken with the passage of time, that is why it is very important to use and care for the leather.

Here we leave you the 10 commandments of goodcare:

– When you go to store your bag, always wrap it in the cotton sheath that we deliver.

 – If you are going to have your bag stored for a long time, fill it so it will not deform. Therefore we advise you to keep the silk papers that you will see inside and in the packaging, but NEVER use newspaper paper, as the ink can stainit.

– Never leave it exposed to the sunlight, as you will suffer the risk of its color changing. Keep it protected from light and moisture in a dry place.

– Do not stack the mon top of each other. Order them in a way that preserves their original shape, without bending them.

– For the daily cleaning of your bag, you do not need any product, just use a dry white cotton cloth and wipe the surface with care.

– Take special care with alcohol ( perfume or drink) because if a drop falls on the bag, it will stain.

– If it rains (some liquid falls on it), you just have to dry it with a white cotton cloth. Do not use the dryer, as I could darken the stain.

– If you usually carry the cosmetics in your bag, putthem in a “nécessaire”, as this will prevent them from opening accidentally and damaging the interior.

– Be careful with the things you put in the bag, because if it is heavily loaded can damage the handles.

– Finally, we recommend that you moisturize once or twice a year so that the leather does not get damaged.